octubre 15, 2018

Cleaning Supplies





Do Sparkling Clean Cleaning Service cleaners bring all the cleaning supplies needed to get the job done?

Yes, we bring all the necessary products to give your home an excellent service, in addition to a vacuum cleaner. If you want us to use a specific product, let us know and let it be used by the cleaner.

I do not have a vacuum cleaner. Should I continue to use your service?

If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, just specify it
Have the cleaner bring a vacuum cleaner in the special instructions area. Keep in mind that our cleaners do not have large capacity vacuums. Our cleaners have mobile vacuum cleaners, since they have to travel all day to work.

What happens if I do not have a mop?

Our cleaners come with a wet / dry mop (Swiffer) that can be used on carpeted floors.

Do you bring green cleaning products?

We have teams that do 100% green cleaning. Simply request it and we will assign an ecological cleaning team at no additional charge.



X  Buckets

X  Mops

X  High power vacuum cleaners

X  Stairs